Handmade Journals

These Journals are made from genuine leather, using handcrafting passed down from previous generations.
These crafts  have been in constant use since before the Gutenberg press was developed in Europe.
The Journal paper is made from 100% recycled cotton, and is acid-free. DO NOT USE LIQUID INKS ON THIS PAPER.  IT WILL BLEED AND SMUDGE!         You can use pencils of any kind, gel pens,  crayons, biros etc, and possibly oil paints.

Styles  available now include a large Art Folio for artistic creativity, and medium notebooks  for everyday recording. If there is a particular design you like, then several can be purchased at the same time, and all are available  in Australia right now.  A discount is offered for multiple purchases.  You will find the smaller version  perfect for travel journalling, being small enough to pack and  carry but having at least 100 double sided pages for memories.  Please refer to product listing for exact details and pricing.

Cover detail includes unembossed versions in brown and green. Embossed styles  are decorated with Tree of Life,  Dragons  and a Celtic Triangle.  Finer artistic detail includes Cabuchons and whipstitched edging with leather cord and clasp closures on some.  Others have a thin leather binding cord closure.  More designs and styles will be arriving soon.

A good leather dressing is ideal for looking after your new journal and keeping it in the best condition for life.   Please remember that any handmade object is unique in its own way, and that minor ‘imperfections’ may exist.   If  you need a particular design or size of journal, I can attempt to source it for you.   To enable this, please feel free to CONTACT US via website front page.   More information and ideas about journalling can be found on  my Pinterest board ‘Journal’ under ArtShadesOnline.com

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