• Anti-UV umbrella-Monet painting
  • umbrella flower patterned sideview
  • Umbrella flower patterned lily patter with matching case
  • Quality umbrella UVF50+ showing anti-UV coat test
  • anti-UVF50+umbrellas -wild geese
  • Anti-UV umbrellas -wild geese
  • Anti_UV umbrellas solid blue
  • Umbrellas anti-uv- delicate flower
  • Umbrellas anti-uv-delicate flower
  • Anti-UV umbrellas solid black
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas- Japanese rose
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas- jap-rose
  • Anti-UV umbrellas solid white
  • Anti-UV Umbrella -eaf pattern
  • Anti-UV Umbrella-Leaf Pattern
  • Anti_UV umbrellas solid dark green
  • Anti-UV Umbrella -Blue Bouquet
  • Anti-UV Umbrella- Blue Bouquet
  • Anti-UV umbrella -red
  • Anti-UV umbrellas -Monet painting
  • Anti-UV umbrella-Monet painting
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas-Rosebloom
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas- Rose Garden
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas - sunflower
  • Naughty Umbrellas charcoal background
  • Anti-UV umbrellas white cat
  • Anti-UV umbrella -kitten
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas -green banana leaves
  • Anti-UV Umbrellas- freesia
  • Anti-Uv umbrella -green owl
  • Anti-UV umbrella-pink

Anti-UV Umbrellas


Anti-UV Umbrellas – protection UVF50+

Green Owl is UVF30+

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Anti-UV Umbrellas

  • These Anti-UV Umbrellas provide rain as well as sun protection and can be used in any season. UV damage can occur even in winter and cloudy days are no protection against it.
  • Protect yourself and your family  from  skin damage that can lead to cancers, and eye damage.
  • Studies have shown that large, opaque  umbrellas protect against  UV rays A+B. (Source: JAMA-Dermatology June 2013). (and other studies)
  • Each of these Anti-UV Umbrellas is a folding, compact design, fitting easily into your briefcase, shopping bag, car door or locker at work.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials, these are fully waterproof, have good wind resistance, and coated to  UVF50+ .
  • This means that up to 99% of all UV rays are being absorbed before they reach you or your skin.
  • Gentlemen, there are even colours and patterns that you would like.
  • Christmas is coming. Do you want a gift for someone special that they will use every day and love you for it?
  • Don’t miss out on getting the best  anti-UV umbrella you can for your family members, at an excellent price!

Care Kiss:-  Do not store a wet umbrella – it will develop mould and could also rust.
–  Take a moment or two to fold, and add a light sprinkle of talcum powder to prevent layers sticking together during long storage.
–  Do not store in high temperatures eg. Street-parked cars, as it can adversely affect the anti UV coating.

Can Anti-UV Umbrellas tolerate cleaning?

  • Umbrellas are very resistant to stains and spots, but store in its carrycase, as this can be washed.
  • Should cleaning be necessary, contact  a specialist drycleaner/laundry.

Price for these Anti-UV Umbrellas ranges from $35.00 – $60.00  Please note that the Green Owl is UVF30+

  • BONUS: 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS: Free Post in Australia
  •  History of Umbrellas   has an engaging article on the topic for History buffs.
  • I provide beautiful, bright, quality everyday products in keeping with a Buy It for Life Philosophy.
  • Feedback is always welcome, so enjoy shopping and leave a review if you like.


Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

Lily blue white, Delicate flower, Wild Geese, Colour White, Colour Pink, Colour Black, Colour Dark Green, Colour Blue, Leaf Pattern on White, Blue Bouquet, Japanese Rose, Plantain Leaves, Rose Garden, Sunflower, Rose Bloom, Freesias, Dark Cat, White Cat, Kitten at Beach, Monet Painting, Green Owl, Colour Red


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