• Baby Clothes 6-24mths- No ProbLlama 3 pce outfit 12mths (80)
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months girl 3 piece close-up of pattern
  • No Prob-Llama 6-24 months girl 3 piece outfit
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months girl 3 piece / headband detail
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/ Dinosaur Rompers
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months -Dinosaur Rompers- shoulder detail
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/ Dinosaur rompers
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/Knitted rompers green
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/ Knitted rompers khaki
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/ Knitted rompers-grey 12-18months
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/ Knitted rompers gold/mustard
  • Baby Clothes 6-24months/ Tshirt I’M Two....
  • Baby Clothes 6-24 mths/ Tshirt I’m two.... 18-24mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24months/-Tshirt I don’t do quiet
  • Baby clothes 6-24mths- T-shirt
  • Baby Socks- nonslip sole 6-24mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24mths/ 12 mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24mths/ big bro has paws 12mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24mths / 6mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24mths/ Mama’s Boy 18-24 mths (100)
  • Baby clothes 6-24months - Mama’s Boy 2 piece outfit for warmer weather
  • Baby clothes- Mama’s Boy 2 piece outfit 6mths (80)
  • Baby clothes 6-24 mths- giraffe bodysuit-6mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months/ Giraffe bodysuit- back view
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months Giraffe Bodysuit -9mths
  • Baby Clothes (6-24 mths)/ Tshirt Unicorn 18-24mths
  • Baby Clothes 6-24months - Tshirt Unicorn
  • Baby Socks Girl patterns- 6-24mths Set of 5 pairs random
  • Baby clothes I Wish outfit 3 piece
  • Baby clothes 6-24 months -I Wish outfit
  • Baby Socks Boy - 6-24 months Set of 5 Pairs random
  • Baby 6-24 months - No Prob-llama girls outfit 6mths
  • Baby Clothes 6-24 mths /No ProbLlama 3 piece outfit 24mths
  • Baby Clothes 6-24mths - Dinosaur Rompers 24 mths (100)
  • Baby clothes 6-24months/ Tshirt I’m 2-What’s Your Excuse?
  • Baby Clothes 6-24 mths /12-18mths
  • Baby clothes 6-24mths- Tee i don’t do quiet
  • Baby clothes6.24months/ Unicorn Tshirt

Baby Clothes 6 -24 months


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Active wear for your Babe!

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Baby Clothes 6-24 months –  for the growing Babe from crawling to standing to walking and onwards!

  • There are Outfits, T-Shirts with funny slogans, long and short -sleeved bodysuits, short pants, and Rompers.
  • Pure Cotton Socks in many patterns are available as sets of 5 pairs randomly chosen according to gender.
  • Footwear Is also available – Rosebud Soft Shoes and sturdy Easy-fit velcro-fastened Sandals and Sneakers
Mix and match Outfits and Rompers with T- shirts or bodysuits to make great little active-wear outfits for your Babe.
  • They are wash and wear, designed for growth spurts and hard usage with lots of washes.
  • Most suit both boys and girls, so if you need bigger clothes for your Babe, check the options!
  • The designs cover a wide range of sizes,  up to and including 24 months.
All of these carefully chosen Baby Clothes 6-24 months are pure eco-friendly Hypo-allergenic Cotton or Cotton blends for ease of care.
  • Soak for a short time if required,  just throw them in the washing machine on a cool wash and hang them up.  No ironing, no bleach!
  • You can  save yourself money and repurpose a summer outfit for cooler weather by the simple addition of socks and a long-sleeved Bodysuit or Tshirt.
  • Check this link out for more ideas      Read More
  • You won’t find these adorable little outfits in the department stores, so buy now and don’t miss out on these Select Baby Clothes 6-24 months from ArtShadesOnline
Bonus :- A Buy4Pay3 coupon is available at checkout – purchase any 4 items from anywhere in the store and pay for just 3 at checkout.  Don’t Miss out on this Bargain!  A WHOLE 25% OFF!

Another Bonus:- 14- day Unconditional Money back Guarantee

A Further Bonus :- Free Post anywhere in Australia

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No Prob-Llama- 6mths/ 3 piece outfit, No Prob-Llama-12mths/ 3 piece outfit, No Prob-Llama 18mths 3 piece outfit, No Prob-Llama 24 mths 3 piece outfit, Dinosaur Rompers- 6mths (70)/ shoulder snaps + leg zip, Dinosaur Rompers 12 (80), Dinosaur Rompers -18 (90), Dinosaur Rompers 24mths (100 ), Knitted Short Rompers 9-18mths Grey/buttons + leg snaps, Knitted Short Rompers 9-18mths Gold/buttons+leg snaps, Knitted Short Rompers 9-18mths-Green/buttons+ leg snaps, Knitted Short Rompers 9-18mths- Khaki/buttons+ leg snaps, T-Shirt 12-18mths/short sleeve – Sorry I Don’t Do Quiet, T-Shirt 18-24mths/short sleeve- Sorry I Don’t Do Quiet, T-shirt 12-18mths / I’m Two -What’s Your Excuse?, Tshirt I’m two – What’s Your Excuse? 18-24mths, T-shirt 12-18mths /Unicorn, Tshirt Unicorn 18-24mths, Rosebud Soft Shoes, Mama’s Boy 2 piece outfit shorts + short sleeve T-Shirt 6mths (80), Mama’s Boy Outfit 12mths (90), Mama’s Boy outfit 18-24mths (100), Giraffe Bodysuit long sleeved Unisex- 6mths, Giraffe Bodysuit longsleeved Unisex- 9mths, Giraffe Bodysuit longsleeved-Unisex-12mths, I Wish 3 piece outfit short sleeved Bodysuit/long pants/headband, Bodysuit- short sleeved /6mths -Big Bro has Paws, Bodysuit- short sleeved/9mths -Big Bro has Paws, Bodysuit-short sleeved/ 12mths-Big Bro has Paws, Nonslip Socks 6-12mths set of 6pairs -Girl Patterns, Nonslip Socks 6-12mths/ set of 6pairs-Boy Patterns, Bodysuit-6mths/ Dapper Little Dude, Bodysuit-9mths/Dapper Little Dude, Bodysuit 6mths-Tutu, Bodysuit 6mths-Pink, Bodysuit 6mths-White, Bodysuit 6mths-Jewellery, Bodysuit 6mths-White/Pink Pattern


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