Baby Newborn Essentials

Baby Newborn Essentials


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Baby Newborn Essentials are  those little extra things that you need for your Babe, that are  not often considered as a gift idea.    They are essential to  protect baby and  you, your clothes and furnishings from those charming but  inevitable leaks!

Muslin wraps

:-  These large  (120cm x 110cm) pure cotton wraps are so  easy care and durable, they will last  throughout Babe’s first year.   Use them as newborn swaddle wraps,  burp cloths,  lapsheets,  cuddle sheets, floor sheets for wriggle times inside or out,  and pram covers for outdoor roams.They are lightweight and can be used as covers in warm weather and even bassinet or cot sheets. Several patterns are available, suitable for both genders.

:- Soon to arrive - double layered interlaced Bamboo/Cotton Muslin blankets in size 120cm x 120cm- several patterns


:-  Bandanna- style Bibs  star as part of Baby Newborn Essentials!  Available in several bright colour combinations made from double-layered pure organic, hypoallergenic cotton.   They are expandable with 2 snap fasteners so that as Baby grows, you still get plenty of use out of them.  They soak up spills, drools and perks to save both Babe’s clothing and yours.  Use them from birth onward, and are particularly great when Babe starts teething- you need plenty of them!   They are not sold separately, but as a colour-coordinated Set of 3.  As a parent and grandparent,  I assure you, lots of them are needed!

XSmall Socks

:-   something not always thought of, but essential when the colder weather arrives.  If feet are warm, Babe is warm.  These Extra Small pure cotton socks are just right for tiny feet, stretchy to not catch those little piggie wiggies, and so so soft and cute!   6  colour choices In sets of 3 with random patterning are available to team up with outfits. You can also have a set of 6 pairs consisting of one from each colour group.

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Wrap – Bee Pattern, Wrap – Dinosaur Pattern, Wrap-Giraffe + Elephant, Wrap – Pink Rabbit, Wrap – Boats + Cars, Wrap – Small Tree, Wrap – Fish, Wrap – Trees with Fox, Bibs – White/Blue/Green Patterns + Solid Yellow set of 3, Bibs -Pinks + Yellows + Patterns set of 3, Bibs -Bright Flowers set of 3, Bibs- Pale Blue/Greens Patterned set of 3, Bibs – Blue/Greens Solid Set of 3, Bibs – Bright Pinks Patterned set of 3, Bibs – Greys/White Patterned set of 3, Patterns in Pale Blue/Green/ Apricot set of 3, XSmall Cartoon Socks- Apricot – 3pair, XSmall Cartoon Socks – Green – 3pair, XSmall Cartoon Socks – Grey- 3pair, XSmall Cartoon Socks – Pink – 3pair, XSmall Cartoon Socks – Purple- 3pair, XSmall Cartoon Socks – Yellow – 3pair, Set of 6 pairs -1pair of each colour Random Patterning


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