• Bathroom sets 4 pieces
  • Shower/Bath set 4 pieces shabby chic all 4 pieces
  • Shower/Bath 4 pieces shabby chic shower curtain
  • Shower /Bath set 4 pieces all 4 pieces
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces

Bathroom Sets 4 pieces


Bath Sets 4 pieces

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Bathroom Sets 4 pieces

  • The quickest and most economical way to refresh your bathroom is to hang a new Shower Curtain and accessorise!
  • Pu the WOW factor back in your bathroom with a makeover that will take you just 5 minutes.
  • The Bathroom Sets  4 pieces. consist of a Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain 180 x 180cm, a nonslip luxuriously large  Bathmat  50 x 80 cm,  a Toilet Lid Cover with a Floor Mat so your feet don’t get cold in winter.
  • BONUS: a packet of 12 C-hooks in included, so easy to use it will take you just half a minute to hang the curtain.
  • 4 minutes spent congratulating yourself on a great idea!


  • These  eco-friendly Shower Curtains only need  machine washing 3-4 times a year and the rest is up to you.
  • The  fabric is naturally resistant to soapscum and mould and  does not  require hot water machine-washing, bleaching, tumble-drying, outside line drying or ironing.
  • After use, open curtain up to drain dry onto bathmat, this allows it to dry so fast mould cannot form, and hang up the bathmat to dry afterwards.
  • However, do not dry the Bathmat in direct sunlight because it may perish the nonslip dots underneath
  • WANT TO DO EVEN LESS HOUSEWORK? Is cleaning glass a pain for you?Hang a curtain  inside your glass shower recess, it will keep glass much cleaner and require far less daily input from you.
  • These Bathroom  Sets 4 pieces makes  a great gift, used and admired every day.
  • Price is reduced –  now just $65.00 and it is the last one!    Don’t compromise on your choice, spend a little more and get the one you really love!
  • BONUS: Free Post in Australia.
  • BONUS: I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • For more designs, check out    Great Shower Curtains .

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Shabby Chic Set, Waves and Seafoam Set


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