Kids Umbrellas

Kids Umbrellas


Colourchange Magic Kids Umbrellas UVP50+

  • Pattern only shows up when Wet!
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Welcome in fun on a rainy day with these enchanting Children’Umbrellas.     The colour-change technology and anti-UV protection will have them not only believing in magic and Mother Nature, but learning about science as well!


  • Materials :    These ArtShadesOnline Umbrellas are made from high-grade waterproof pongee  fabric and the plain colours reveal a wonderful surprise on a rainy day.
  • Designs :  Choose your little one’s favourite colour from the 6 vibrant and thrilling colours and watch as the colourchange technology fills  them with excitement and awe. Older kids will have no problems with the automatic design.  One button on the handle both opens and closes the canopy,  whiile  a simple light push at each end clicks it shut.  However, please encourage your child to open it pointing away from themselves and others.
  • Technical Details : Please Note: these are large enough for adults to use.   All of them are folding, compact, have 8 ribs, a deep dome and UV50+ protective coating underneath.  The Cancer Council of Australia recommends shade as part of their 5-step program, so make these Umbrellas  an integral part of year-round weather protection.
  • Care Instructions :   Please allow to dry thoroughly or  it could develop mould and rust.   Take a moment or two to fold carefully.
  • Why buy ArtShadesOnline Umbrellas?  :   Clear PVC Umbrellas do not screen out UV rays.    Get the assurance of UPF 50+ protecting your child  from sunburn, overexposure, eye and  skin damage.
  •  More benefits for you :-  they won’t get caught in downpours on the way home, and you won’t have to deal  with  soaking-wet clothes,  bags and grumpy kids.   This leads to happier afternoons and evenings all round, so you gain lots more quality time with them.
  • BONUS : Free Standard Post nationwide in Australia, but if you want or need Express Post, please choose that option at checkout.
  • BONUS:   a 14 - day Money-Back Guarantee.   Return Post is the Buyer’s responsibility.
  • Have a look at      Real Art Umbrellas. .    for more inspiration!


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Blue- C160505, Hot Pink- S01524403, Purple- S01524408, Lime Green -S01524406, Pale Pink- B010302, Mint Blue/Green, Space, Mermaid, Earth Dinosaur, Green Dinosaur, Unicorn, Giraffe, Dinosaur Egg


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