ColourChange Kids Umbrellas


ColourChange Kids Umbrellas


Colourchange Magic Kids Umbrellas UVP50+

  • Pattern only shows up when Wet!
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Colourchange Kids Umbrellas - an aid to maintain safe social distancing during the pandemic.

  • Get the best Kids’ Umbrellas online at ArtShadesOnline.
  • These Magic Colourchange Umbrellas UPF 50+ are great fun, sized perfectly for Kids’ schoolbags, and very easy to use.
  • The pattern only shows up when wet - try them under the sprinkler and watch their faces light up!
  • The  umbrella is large so they are fully protected from head to toes when going to and from school.
  • These Magic Kids Umbrellas are UPF 50+, which means up to 99% of harmful UV  rays are screened out.
  • PVC clear umbrellas do nothing to prevent exposure to UV rays so don’t waste your money on a toy.  Umbrellas need to be opaque to screen out UV radiation.
  • Buy these for your children and grandchildren  and immediately save money on litres of sunscreen!
CARE KISS: - Do not store wet or it will develop mould and could rust.   Take a moment or two to fold carefully  and avoid storage in hot areas, eg. Street-parked cars, as it may affect the UV protective coating.   
  • Do you want to see your kids outdoors in the fresh air and exercising all year round?
  • Get the assurance of UPF 50+ protecting them from sunburn, overexposure, eye and  skin damage that long-term can lead to cancers such as Melanoma.
  • More benefits for you :-  they won’t be upset getting caught in downpours on the way home, and you won’t have to deal  with  soaking-wet clothes and bags.
  • This means happier afternoons and evenings all round, so you gain lots more quality time with them.
  • Remember that this is an important investment in your children’s long term health and well-being.

Price for these Magic Colourchange Kids’ Umbrellas UPF50+  varies from $29.99 - $35.99 AUD.  Please note the two shades of blue all turn out to be the same on delivery,  and the Sunshine Yellow is very bright.

  • BONUS : Free Post in Australia
  • BONUS:   a 14 - day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Check out     Real Art Umbrellas. .    for more inspiration!

Shopping for Kid’s Umbrellas Online is Easier Than Ever

Tired of looking for kids umbrellas online and only finding the same options over and over again? Dark colours such as black and navy blue might be fine for adults to stay out of the rain, but that's not going to work for the little ones. When you want to ensure that they have an easy way to protect themselves from rain and sun during the day, while brightening up their day, an exciting umbrella is the right choice. Not only does it make it easier to engage your child as to why they should use it, but fun and vibrant colours will make them want to use it regularly. At Art Shades Online, we're excited to have the opportunity to change the game, offering parents a wide range of options designed, still with functionality and durability in mind. 

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Blue- C160505, Hot Pink- S01524403, Purple- S01524408, Lime Green -S01524406, Pale Pink- B010302, Mint Green, Sunshine Yellow


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