• Quality umbrella UVF50+16rib-blue grass
  • quality umbrellas UVF50+- gingko
  • quality umbrellas UVF50+ ginkgo
  • quality umbrellas UVF50+ ginkgo
  • quality umbrellasUVF50+ gingko
  • quality umbrellas UVF50+ -pearblossom
  • Quality umbrella UVF50+ showing anti-UV coat test
  • quality umbrellas UVF50+
  • Quality umbrellas UVF50+ pearblossom
  • quality umbrellas UVF50+pear blossom
  • Quality umbrella UVF50+16 rib blue grass
  • Quality umbrella UVF50+ 16 rib blue grass
  • Quality umbrella UVF50+16 rib blue grass
  • Quality umbrella UVF50+16rib-blue grass

Quality Umbrellas UVF50+


Quality Umbrellas UVF50+ with 16 ribs for excellent wind-resistance.

Free Post within Australia.

International Post Free with order of $120 AUD or over.

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Quality Umbrellas  UVF50+

  • Are you fed up with Umbrellas that break the moment a breeze springs up?  Just when you want or need  to stay dry?
  • These Quality Umbrellas  have 16 ribs, double that of ordinary Umbrellas,  which usually only have 8.
  • This  dramatically increases their wind-resistance.
  • Do you need a modern, stylish, strong Umbrella that folds to fit easily into your briefcase or shopping bag, car door or locker easily?
  •  Do you need a great gift for someone for Christmas?  Buy one of these!  It makes a beautiful and useful present that you know will be used time after time.

UVF50+ rating

  • UVF rating on these umbrellas is 50+,  blocking  up to 99% of all UV rays.
  • Studies prove that handheld umbrellas give excellent protection from UV damage.  This includes off  water, sand  and city street reflections as well. (JAMA: Dermatology June 20139) (Emory University Atlanta, USA). These Umbrellas can be used year round to protect from harmful UV rays that damage skin, leading to cancers, eye damage, and Melanoma.
  • Did you know that almost 2000 Australians are expected to die this year alone from Melanoma?  Yet, 1 in 4 Aussies think they do not need protection if it is a cloudy day!
  • Protect your loved ones today from long term exposure to UV radiation by purchasing one of these Umbrellas.
  • Sunburn and overexposure when a child will impact you in later life by showing up as liver spots and precancerous conditions like keratosis.
Care Kiss – looking after your Umbrella will ensure it gives you many years of protection from both Sun and Rain.
  • Do not store wet as it will develop mould and could rust.
  • A touch of talcum powder inside will  prevent the layers sticking together during long storage.
  • Do not store for long periods in an area with hot temperatures such as the car parked in the street.

These Quality Umbrellas UVF50+ 16 rib are custom-made and cost just $90 AUD    BONUS: Free Post within Australia.
BONUS: 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

. Read more.  – an article on History of Umbrellas may be of interest.

    • I provide beautiful, bright, quality everyday  products in keeping with a Buy It for Life Eco-Friendly Philosophy.
    • Feedback is always welcome, so enjoy shopping and leave a review if you like.

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

Gingko biloba Tree, Pearblossom, Blue Grass


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