• S/C Bath Sets 4 pieces- Beach Scene Wavebreak 1
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces waves/seafoam
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces
  • Bathroom sets 4 pieces
  • S/C Bath Sets 4 pieces- Red Flowers
  • S/C Bath Sets 4 pieces- Red Flowers
  • Bath Sets 4pieces- Red
  • Bath Sets 4 pieces - Purple
  • S/C Bath Sets 4 pieces- Purple Flowers
  • Bath Sets 4 piece - Carnation
  • Bath Sets 4 pieces- Blue
  • S/C - Bath sets 4 pieces - Blue Bouquet
  • Bath Sets 4 pieces- Buds
  • S/C Bath sets 4 pieces- Yellow Flowers
  • Bath Sets 4 pieces- Yellow
  • Bath Sets 4 pieces - Purple Statice
  • S/C Garden-themed - Sunflowers with French influence
  • Bath Sets 4 pieces - Pale Marble
  • S/C Garden-themed - Sunflowers
  • S/C Bath 4pce Sets - Decorated Elephant facing Right
  • S/C Bath 4pce Sets - Original Beautiful Elephant
  • Shower/Bath Sets 4 pce- Cartoon Painted Elephant
  • S/C Bath 4pce sets- Happy Elephant
  • S/C bath 4pce sets- Cartoon Elephant under Shower
  • S/C Bath Sets 4 pieces - size chart

Shower Curtain/Bathroom Sets


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Shower Curtain/Bath Sets 4 pieces – Shower Curtain, Bath Mat, Toilet Lid Cover and Toilet Floor Mat

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Shower Curtain/Bathroom Sets 4 pieces

  • What is the quickest and most economical way to refresh your bathroom?  Hang  a new Shower Curtain and accessorise!
  • Pu the WOW factor back in your bathroom with a makeover that will take you just 5 minutes.
  • These Bathroom Sets  4 pieces. consist of an Eco-Friendly Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain 180 x 180cm, a nonslip large  Bathmat, and a Toilet Lid Cover with a Floor Mat.
  • Are you renting and unable  to paint or renovate?  Add some fabulous Wow with designs that are unique and colourful but not overpowering.   You won’t see the walls or room design!  You will be too busy admiring the fabulous set you chose!   The Bonus is that you can take it with you.
  • Dress up the smallest room in the house to look great, not just functional.
  • BONUS: a packet of 12 C-hooks in included, so easy to use it will take you just half a minute to hang the curtain.


  • These  eco-friendly Shower Curtain/Bathroom Sets only need  machine washing occasionally as the  fabric is naturally resistant to soapscum and mould.
  • This fabric does not  require hot water machine-washing, bleaching, tumble-drying, outside line drying or ironing.
  • After use, let the curtain wick dry onto bathmat, this allows it to dry so fast mould cannot form, and hang up the bathmat to dry afterwards.  All pieces of the Set are machine washable, and the Curtain can be hung straight back onto C-rings straight out of the washing machine.
  • However, do not dry the Bathmat in direct sunlight because it may perish the nonslip dots underneath.
 Is cleaning glass a pain for you?    Hang a curtain  inside your glass shower recess, it will keep glass much cleaner by catching water splashes and soap residue.

These Shower Curtain/Bathroom Sets 4 pieces make  a great gift, used and admired every day, and so easy-care.    You will not find these in the department stores,  so don’t compromise on quality and choice.   Spend a little more and get the one you really love!   Make the smallest room in the house look fabulous, not just functional!

  • BONUS: Free Post in Australia.
  • BONUS: I offer a 14 day money back guarantee.
  • A further BONUS: A  Buy4Pay for 3 coupon is available- purchase any 4 items in the store and pay for just 3 at checkout.  Don’t MIss Out on This Great Deal!
  • For more designs, check out    Great Shower Curtains .

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Waves + Seafoam Set, Violet ray, Red Xray, Apricot Carnations, Blue Bouquet Xray, Yellow Xray, Red Buds, Purple Statice, Pale Marble, Sunflowers with French Text, Sunflowers, Beach Scene- Wavebreak 1, Beautiful Elephant, Cartoon Elephant under Shower, Happy Elephant, Decorated Elephant facing Right, Painted Elephant


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