• Umbrellas flower themed- Night Blue with Daisies
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Night Blue with Daisies
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Night Blue with Daisies
  • Umbrella- anti-UV -freesias
  • Umbrellas UPF-delicate flower
  • Umbrellas flower theme- delicate flower
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Pink Plants- Go Love
  • Anti-UV umbrellas -sunflower
  • UPF umbrellas- green plants
  • UPF Umbrellas - Violets auto- UV coated
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Violets
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Violets
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Green Plants- In the Wild
  • Umbrellas flower themed - Blue Bouquet
  • Anti-UV Umbrella -Blue Bouquet
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Lily
  • Umbrellas flower themed-Lily
  • Umbrellas- reflective-Lake Blue/Peacock Border
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Peacock Sheen Flower
  • Umbrellas- reflective sheen- Wine Red Border
  • Umbrellas flower themed - Wine Red Sheen Flower
  • Umbrellas flower themed- underside- UV coating
  • Umbrellas- reflective sheen- Dark Blue Border
  • Umbrellas flower themed-Blue Sheen Flowers
  • Umbrellas Flower-themed
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Rich Purple Sheen Flower
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Violet Sheen Flower
  • Umbrellas flower themed - Rose Sheen Flower
  • Umbrellas Reflective Sheen -Medium Blue Border
  • Umbrellas flower patternedfront and side views
  • UPF umbrellas - pink plants
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Wine Red Flower Sheen
  • Umbrellas- reflective sheen -Purple Border
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Violet Flower Sheen
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Rose Pink Flower Sheen
  • Umbrellas flower themed- Peacock Flower Sheen

Umbrellas Flower-Themed


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Art Umbrellas Flower-Themed, Lots of designs and colours to choose from

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Umbrellas Flower-Themed – a unique and stylish method of social distancing while out during the pandemic!

  •  Do you like flowers? Does someone you know love flowers?  Are you looking  at a gift for Mum or GrandMum, who prefers only practical  gifts?
  • These  are fully waterproof,  wind resistant, sturdy, compact, shopping bag friendly, and fit  easily into the car door or the locker at work for unexpected downpours.
  • Did you know that an  ordinary opaque umbrella can block out up to 77% of harmful UV rays, and UPF50+ blocks up to 99%?
All of these Flower-themed Umbrellas are  UPF50+  coated to protect your health.
  • Protect  yourself and your loved ones from UV that is known to cause skin damage, premature skin aging, eye damage and cancers.
  • Unfortunately, over 1900 Aussies  were predicted to die from Melanoma in 2019 alone.  However, 1 in 4 people think  a cloudy day is more than enough protection!

Use an umbrella as a design tool to fully complement your outfit, so brighten up your day with a fabulous and unique Art Umbrella from ArtShades Online.  

Price for Umbrellas Flower-Themed varies, so there is something for everyone’s taste, plus there is several methods of payment to suit every budget.

  • BONUS: Free Post in Australia
  • BONUS: 14-day Money Back Guarantee
  • But wait, there’s more: –  A Buy4Pay3 coupon is available.   Purchase ANY 4 items from the store and pay for 3 only at checkout.  Use this to start on your Christmas Gift List  early this year.   DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS GREAT DEAL – it finishes soon!

Are you after a great gift for your family or friends?   And don’t forget yourself!   Look no further than these.  You are making a wonderful investment in their continued health and wellbeing, as well as giving a gift that will be used time and time again.

  • Read More      can provide some history and interesting facts about umbrellas.
  • Feedback is always welcome, so enjoy shopping and leave a review if you like.

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

Freesias-UV+auto, Delicate Flower-UV+non-auto, Green Plants-In the Wild-UV+auto, Pink Plants-Go Love UV +auto, Sunflower-UV +non-auto, Violets UV + auto, Bouquet of Blue-UV+auto, Lily on Navy -UV+auto, Wine Red Flower Sheen-UV +non-auto, Wine Red Border Sheen- UV+ non-auto, Night Blue with Daisies-UV+ auto, Dark Blue Border_UV+non-auto, Blue Flower Sheen-UV+ non-auto, Purple Border Sheen-UV+non-auto, Violet Flower Sheen-UV+ non-auto, Rose Flower Sheen-UV+ non-auto, Peacock Border Sheen-UV+ non-auto, Lake Blue/Peacock Flower-UV+ non-auto, Medium Blue Border Sheen, Rich Purple Flower Sheen


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