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  • Unique shower curtain-x-ray-tulip -nobarcode
  • X-ray s/c - bouquet
  • Unique shower curtain x-ray arum-no barcode
  • X-ray S/C - blue with green foliage
  • Unique S/C- abstract dandelion
  • Unique shower curtain x-ray -daylily-no barcode
  • Unique shower curtain xray red-6-735265-011204
  • Unique shower curtain xray flower- no barcode
  • Unique shower curtain xray violet-6-735265-011204
  • Unique shower curtain xray-lilium-no barcode
  • Unique shower curtain xray-shadow-6-936264-000019
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Unique Shower Curtains


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Unique  Shower Curtains, custom designed and 3D printed

Free Post within Australia.

International Post Free with order of over $120 AUD


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Unique Shower Curtains

  • Put the WOW factor back in your bathroom!   Do you need a unique gift for your Mum for Mother’s Day?
  • Do you have 5 minutes?  Refresh the Bathroom with a new Unique Shower Curtain and accessorise.  4 minutes left to admire the  great new look and congratulate yourself on an awesome idea.
  • These all measure 180 x 180cm, fit a large shower recess, made from 100% Polyester colourfast fabric, and have Rust-proof metal ring holes.
  • BONUS::   a  packet of 12 C-rings is included with every curtain, – so easy to use,  it only takes half a minute to hang the curtain.


  • All of these Unique Shower Curtains are eco-friendly because they are naturally resistant to soapscum and mildew, and  DO NOT require hot water machine-washing, bleach, tumble-drying, outside line drying or ironing.
  • After use, let it wick dry onto bathmat, this dries the curtain very fast and prevents mould forming, even in the ‘damp’ atmosphere of a bathroom.
  • It also helps the shower recess dry faster to actively prevent mould development.
  • These Unique Shower Curtains only need washing perhaps 4 times a year.
  • All of these factors add up to you spending much less of your valuable time  in the bathroom and laundry!
  • IS CLEANING GLASS THE BANE OF YOUR EXISTENCE?   Hang one of these curtains inside your glass shower recess… it keeps the glass much cleaner with a lot less daily effort from you.

Because these are Custom-made and designed, Unique Shower Curtains cost $45.00  to  $55.00  each.

Don’t compromise! Don’t settle for the meagre range available at the local department store. Spend your hard-earned money on one you really love!
  • BONUS::  I offer a  14-day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • BONUS::  I also offer Free Post within Australia.
  • A further BONUS: –   A  Buy4Pay3 coupon is available- buy any 4 items in the store and you only pay for 3 at checkout.   Don’t miss out on this deal – it finishes soon!
  • Check this out if you want more style ideas –   Great Shower Curtains    

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm

Xray Tulip, Xray Arum, Xray Daylily, Xray Flower, Xray Lillium, Xray Red, Xray Shadow, Xray Blue, Xray Violet, X-ray Blue with Green Foliage, X-ray Bouquet, Abstract Dandelion


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